Changelogs (history of game updates)

  • v0.1.7 - 17.02.2009

    - ADD: You can log in even if your e-mail address has not been validated yet (works for 7 days)

    - ADD: Players without validated e-mail addressed cannot read and write messages
    - ADD: Activation link for confirming registration can be requested on the homepage
    - ADD: E-mail address can be changed on the homepage
    - ADD: Alliance leaders can change all rights (apart from the council of elders and the alliance head) by clicking on the buttons
    - CHANGE: In the popup on the map the points of a player's alliance is now also shown
    - FIXED: Abandoned settlements' points were shown incorrectly on the map in the popup, if the number was larger than 1000
    - FIXED: Alliance ranking list is calculated correctly now
    - FIXED: Display of last login now shows the right IP
    - FIXED: You cannot read foreign alliance forums any more

    - FIXED: You cannot read alliance rights in foreign allies any more
    - FIXED: Cancelling a building process made all buildings move up one in the building list and transferred the remaining building time of the cancelled request onto the next building in the queue

    - FIXED: When looking at a long message conversation you can use the function 'all' now
    - FIXED: If you want to send out more resources than you have, an error message will appear, but the entered values and coordinates will stay in place

    - FIXED: Threads in the alliance forum can be edited from page 2 onwards now
    - FIXED: Layout problems in forum fixed
    - FIXED: Forwarded reports are not incomplete any more
    - FIXED: Missing part in the view as a defender was included in moral calculator
    - FIXED: Important entries in the alliance forum are now shown at the front
    - FIXED: Hidden alliance forums are hidden now
    - FIXED: Resources that are in the hideout are not shown in spy reports any more
    - FIXED: Editing alliances and disbanding an alliance can only be done by the council of elders

    v0.1.8 - 24.02.2009

    - NEW: Icon for support reports

    - NEW: Battle simulator

    - NEW: Run time calculator

    - NEW: Icons for BBCodes and editor windows

    - CHANGED: Image files have been optimised in size and format

    - FIXED: Attack protection now only works for attacks, not for support

    - FIXED: Defence reports in which there were no losses, are now shown in green

    - FIXED: Some JavaScript links lead to a logout

    - FIXED: If an account sitter clicks on the map of the player he is representing, it is now shown correctly

    - FIXED: Building queue calculation problem during battles has been fixed

    v.0.1.9 - 12.03.2009

    - ADD: Attacks on the alliance are visible now (right flag at the tower)
    - ADD: Alliance invites contain more information now
    - ADD: The maximum amount of packages at the market can now be chosen via a click
    - ADD: Am error message appears at the market if not enough raw material are available
    - ADD: Alliance member list, HR shows the alliance affiliation of the HR now
    - ADD: If the titles in the alliance member list are visible to everyone, they are accentuated
    - CHANGE: The search template at the market has been improved (layout adjustment)
    - CHANGE: The list of alliance confederacies contains more information now
    - CHANGE: In the alliance the member status is visible for every member now
    - CHANGE: An attack warning appears if you attack confederates or alliance partners
    - CHANGE: No extra costs in the building queue for premium players

    - FIXED: When deleting entries in the alliance forum the amount of reports in the overview are reduced and the last editor is shown
    - FIXED: On the info page, before sending merchants away there is now a decimal point shown when the number is over 1000 to help determine the amount of raw materials

    - FIXED: 'Search' and 'Offer' are now shown correctly in the search template
    - FIXED: The titles of the alliance members are not made visible if the player does not want it to be

    - FIXED: Alliance diplomacy can be set by the alliance diplomats now
    - FIXED: The round mail view works now
    - FIXED: The market also remembers the settings when exchanges are made between settlements
    - FIXED: The search of 'defeated opponents' does not show 'error' if you use a semicolon any more
    - FIXED: The indication error in the address book under 'Friends' and when sending messages in the alliance, has been fixed

    - FIXED: The map now has the option to only show troops
    - FIXED: Building and cancelling works again now, and the raw materials are now reimbursed correctly when you cancel
    - FIXED: The correct world radius has been restored, so that new player can also end up at the edge of the world now.

    - FIXED: Triboks destroy the town walls first, and then they destroy the battering rams

    - FIXED: After conquering a settlement, the amount of settlements of the inferior player is deposited so that he can choose an orientation for his new settlement

    - FIXED: Triboks und battering rams work correctly during battle now

    v0.1.10 - 01.04.2009

    - ADD: Alliance names inserted in the continental ranking and alliance ranking

    - ADD: Auto-complete in friends and ranking search, alliance diplomacy, alliance invites, report blocking, address book, absence and shared internet connection

    - ADD: Performance optimisation of rank evaluation every 30 minutes

    - FIXED: Display error during continent-alliance search

    - FIXED: Search function ranking of alliance defeated opponents (page-turning function caused the main category to disappear)

    - CHANGED: changed the 1000 characters to 5000 characters for profile, board, etc.

    v0.1.11 - 08.04.2009

    - ADD: Extended statistics for alliances on the alliance profile page

    - ADD: A manual line break can be inserted into the task bar now

    - FIX: Barrack commands link in the attack planner

    - FIX: You can only see the complete running time during own attacks

    - FIX: A new research of units that are already in the research queue is not possible any more

    - FIX: Circular e-mails now work in IE / Opera

    - FIX: Cancelling troops in the building queue moves everything to the current time, not to the time of the start of the entry to be deleted

    - FIX: Starting anew works again now

    - FIX: Clicking on the logo in the game works again now

    - CHANGE: Points are updated as soon as you have conquered something

    - CHANGE: Administration for the marking page on the map has been improved

    - CHANGE: Without a premium account the research queue is limited to one entry

    - CHANGE: Rise of approval is now multiplied by the game speed

    - CHANGE: Limit for message length has been increased to 5.000 characters.

    v0.1.12 - 29.04.2009

    - CHANGE: Building costs for counts have been slightly changed

    - CHANGE: Premium-Functions can now only be used with a premium account

    - CHANGE: Training period for units has been shortened

    - CHANGE: Long bow unit has been slightly boosted

    - CHANGE: Only one troop building queue for all units

    - FIX: Overviews will be only displayed when they got researched

    - FIX: Banned players can now login after their blocking time is over.

    v0.1.13 - 13.05.2009

    - ADD: Every player can set his own time zone in his player profile

    - ADD: New BB-Codes: [img_wood], [img_stone], [img_iron], [img_spear], [img_sword], [img_axe], [img_bow], [img_spy], [img_light], [img_heavy], [img_ram], [img_kata], [img_snob]

    - ADD: Support for different time zones, so that foreign servers also have the correct time

    - CHANGE: The maximum character number for messages and forum entries has been increased from 5.000 to 6.000 characters

    - FIX: When a building job is cancelled, redundant workers and building times are recalculated.

    - FIX: Counts are not shown in the building queue during training any more

    - FIX: Messages and reports are shown without a premium account again

    - FIX: Problem with weak ramming during complete defeat of defenders fixed

    v0.1.14 - 16.06.2009

    - ADD: Holiday replacements cannot view the premium pages of the person they are account sitting for. They also cannot top up or use crowns and can only view how long the premium account is valid for)

    - ADD: Building progress bar for current building jobs in the castle

    - ADD: Page turning function for conquests

    - ADD: The memorial is available in the simulator

    - ADD: Friends online statuses is shown in forum threads, messages, alliance member lists and player profiles now

    - ADD: The overview of alliance attacks now also displays the alliance of the attacker

    - ADD: Infos about birthdays and blocked players are shown as news in the alliance overview as well as in the alliance member list

    - ADD: The instruction texts in the buildings can be hidden now

    - ADD: In the overview 'troops' the current settlement is now highlighted

    - ADD: Point ranking lists can be sorted now

    - ADD: After the memorial has been built, the town wall will become 50% stronger and will be incorporated into the battle system.

    - CHANGED: Attacks, reports and messages can only be renamed when you have a premium account

    - CHANGED: When you conquer a settlement, current market offers are deleted

    - CHANGED: Improved page turning function in the ranking lists

    - CHANGED: The internal alliance profile now looks like the external one

    - CHANGED: Without a premium account the attack flag on the left now points to the overview page

    - CHANGED: The background colours have been removed from the troop overview

    - CHANGED: Inactive players are only deleted after 35 days and not after 14 days

    - CHANGED: At the market, incoming and outgoing transports are sorted by time

    - CHANGED: Message and reports are displayed over the whole page (this has the result that lots of troops have an improved visual appearance)

    - CHANGED: If texts are hidden in the navigation bar and no icon is displayed, the corresponding text is also shown

    - CHANGED: New page layout in the castle and the barracks

    - CHANGED: Settlements can only be renamed in the settlement overview with an active premium account

    - FIXED: Cancelling a building job works now

    - FIXED: If the holiday replacement deletes himself, the person whose account it is can put an end to the replacement himself

    - FIXED: If a player is deleted, his market offers are automatically also deleted

    - FIXED: The URL of the navigation bar only allows special characters like < or +.

    - FIXED: The maximum travel time of the count is now checked

    - FIXED: The time zone problem should be fixed now, the time zone of all players has been set additionally

    - FIXED: Ranking list of 'defeated opponents' works correctly now

    - FIXED: The approval increase per hour, as it is shown in the help section, is now correctly multiplied with the world speed

    - FIXED: In the overview 'transports', the accepted trade offers are shown on the outgoing transports screen and new icons are now used

    - FIXED: The bashing of the barracks does not immediately complete all the units now

    - FIXED: There are no more ominous negative troops after some battles

    v0.1.15 - 23.06.2009

    - ADD: All research units are shown from the beginning

    - ADD: Display of surviving troops in the simulator

    - ADD: Entry made in the alliance log if a player is deleted from an alliance

    - ADD: Deletion of circular e-mails (status mail) is possible immediately

    - ADD: Status mails to circular mails are now also deleted after 14 days

    - CHANGE: Circular e-mails are given an additional "[CM]" in front of the subject

    - CHANGE: The IRC-Channel of an alliance is now shown in the profile

    - CHANGE: The texts when selecting orientations have been changed from black to white to provide better readability

    - CHANGE: Forum: "Author" and "Last Entry" are shown wider in the thread overview

    - CHANGE: The sequence of resources have been changed from wood, stone, iron into stone, wood, iron

    - CHANGE: The sequence of the buildings quarry and lumberjack have been swapped to the resources

    - CHANGE: The standard configuration of the navigation bar has been changed. New configuration: Overviews (when researched), map, settlement view, caste, barracks, market, profile

    - CHANGE: The sequence of the knave and templer in the overviews have been changed around

    - CHANGE: The classic settlement view has been removed

    - CHANGE: The settlement view has been completely revised

    - CHANGE: View of the residence has been revised

    - FIXED: Answer box is not shown on a closed thread in the internal forum any more

    - FIXED: When creating a market offer values of a maximum of 600,000 can be entered as 'wanted' or 'offered' now

    - FIXED: When you found an alliance the search of whether there is already an alliance with this name / tag is ignored

    - FIXED: Bug when forwarding long dialogues has been fixed.

    - FIXED: The internal alliance forum can be seen without an activated account now

    - FIXED: The texts when choosing an orientation was shifted to the side in some languages

    - FIXED: Entry of possible values limited to 50,000 in the simulator

    - FIXED: Error messages at the alchemist's during research of previously researched abilities

    - FIXED: Inverted commas in the thread title are not shown with '' (backslash)- symbols any more

    - FIXED: The hideout is not shown in the spy report any more

    - FIXED: Minting coins: sometimes coins were not minted in every settlement if a large amount of coins had been commissioned to be minted

    - FIXED: Without the right for 'Circular e-mails' in the alliance, you cannot view the dropdown for alliance recipients when writing messages

    - FIXED: Problem in the point curve indicated when some values were 0 has been fixed

    - FIXED: URLs in BB-Code [url] are not cut off after the '&' sign any more

    - FIXED: Message preview works properly now

    v0.1.16 - 07.07.2009

    - ADD: Postcount in internal alliance board for every player

    - ADD: Viewcounter for threads in alliance board

    - ADD: (PA) Counts are now shown in the production overview in the training

    - ADD: (PA) Estimated time of production completion is now shown in the production overview as a tool tip in the troup icons

    - ADD: (PA) Estimated time of production completion is now shown in the buildings overview as a tool tip in the buildings icons

    - ADD: You can now choose for every single buddy if they are allowed to see your online status

    - ADD: There are now groups for buddies

    - ADD: You can define attack units for settlings in the favorites (usable as a farming list)

    - CHANGE: Rules for minimum attack size were changed

    - CHANGE: Blocked players are now displayed in the ranking with a respective icon. Also it's noted on the player's profile.

    - CHANGE: Players' birthdays are not displayed on the member list of the alliance page anymore.

    - CHANGE: Layout of alliance boards was changed in order to resemble the official Kingsage board style.

    - CHANGE: (PA) Donkies were taken out of the transports overview

    - CHANGE: Address book, favorites and friends are now summarized as favorites

    - CHANGE: (PA) When using PA you can now add 100 buddies and 100 settlings to the favorites

    - FIXED: Alliance attack page: if a player is not a member of an alliance no empty [] are shown

    - FIXED: Internal error when looking for market offers

    - FIXED: Swapped resources in the display of arriving or departing transports in the market

    - FIXED: Resource consumption was calculated incorrectly when training more than one count

    - FIXED: Needed resources wood and stone for the training of counts were swapped

    - FIXED: The popup for the minimap was flawed in some languages

    - FIXED: Trebuchets can now demolish a building to level 0 in the simulator instead of level 1

    - FIXED: Detail popups showed resoruces in an incorrect sequence on the map

    v0.1.17 - 21.07.2009

    - ADD: New attack mode for spies: creeping espionage

    - ADD: Every player can choose his alliance title himself (can also be used for status messages)

    - ADD: The alliance rank as well as the status of whether a player has a special rank, is shown in the profile overview of a player

    - ADD: In the alliance forum there is also a reply button at the end of the page now

    - ADD: A place for troops is now shown next the the barracks in the settlement overview

    - CHANGE: There is a new system for alliance ranks. Groups are defined and players can join a group. Existing rights have been taken over where possible. The alliance leaders should however adapt them again.

    - CHANGE: The welcome message you receive when joining an alliance has been removed (everything that is important is already written in the internal announcements)

    - CHANGE: The settings for the alliance have been integrated into the profile page to achieve a better overview.

    - CHANGE: The view of the minimap has been improved. It appears after a mouseover and you can fixate it by clicking on the name minimap

    - CHANGE: The minimap has been enlarged to 15 x 8 sectors, the size of the fields has been increased to 10 x 10 pixels

    - CHANGE: In the alliance section, invitations in the member list section have been added

    - CHANGE: Up to 500,000 defence units can be entered in the battle simulator again

    - CHANGE: The icon for new messages in the internal forum has been adjusted to match the new design

    - CHANGE: Alliance rights: Alliance founders can only edit their own rights or dismiss themselves

    - CHANGE: Reports and messages have been combined into one category

    - CHANGE: There are new icons for all units, resources, and buildings

    - FIXED: Statues are correctly taken over in the battle simulator if the guideline is a report

    - FIXED: The graphical display of the village saves the view of whether buildings are shown or hidden in one cookie

    - FIXED: The picture of the mint in the graphical display of the settlement view and in the building view has not been changed with the levels (new graphics at level 3 and 5)

    v0.1.18 - 08.2009

    - ADD: Blocked players are not automatically unblocked at night now, but are unblocked at the exact second that the block time expires

    - ADD: An information message is sent if a report has been successfully forwarded

    - ADD: Sleep mode for all players under profile -> Absence, for a maximum of 90 days per year

    - ADD: New overview: Transports -> Own offers, overview of all own market offers

    - CHANGE: The mint has been renamed to 'Goldsmith'

    - CHANGE: The Goldsmith's overviews have been improved.

    - CHANGE: Instead of minting gold, you now produce golden armour for the Count automatically

    - CHANGE: You can now use specific resources for producing golden armour

    - CHANGE: The process of conquering has been slightly modified: Approval does not go from 0 to 100, but from 0 to the current score. Approval is now called Realm of Power and increases by 360 an hour. A Count reduces the realm of power between 2,250 and 2,750. If a settlement has a memorial, the Count only reduces the Realm of Power between 1,750 and 2,250.

    - CHANGE: Tearing down buildings is always possible now, regardless of the size of the Realm of Power (beforehand you could only tear down buildings when 'Approval = 100')

    - CHANGE: The number of available donkeys on the overviews are now automatically and immediately updated

    - CHANGED: You do not receive a night bonus now, if the defender is an abandoned settlement

    - CHANGE: Premium Account: The entire resources for building troops are now shown in the battle simulator again

    - CHANGE: Performance optimisation of overviews

    - CHANGE: Premium Account: At the market overview 'Other offers', 25 offers instead of 10 offers are listed per page now

    - CHANGE: The transport lists in the overviews are now sorted via arrival time

    - CHANGE: Extended information at the castle, barracks and at the residence: missing resources are now indicated in red + bold print

    - CHANGE: The number of available donkeys has been moved from the overview 'Combined' to 'Production' (you need them there to send out resources)

    - CHANGE: The player- and alliance- names have been put on the conquest list, even if they have already been deleted.

    - FIXED: Bug that allowed troops to be built quicker

    - FIXED: Bug that allowed you to build more troops than there were settlers available

    - FIXED: The link for writing a message in the forum loaded the message page in the frame

    - FIXED: The last rank for rights at the council of elders cannot be deleted

    - FIXED: The resources required for the building of units were swapped around in the help section

    - FIXED: Inserting surviving units in the simulator swapped the Knave and Templar around

    - FIXED: Inverted commas on the player's title in the thread overview are now correctly displayed

    - FIXED: If you do not have a premium account the default-navigation bar is always displayed

    - FIXED: Special ranks can only be deleted if they do not have any more members left

    - FIXED: Set special ranks now remain in place

    - FIXED: Swapped resources in the battle simulator

    - FIXED: Error message 'This report does not exist.' when forwarding reports

    v0.1.19 - 11.09.2009

    - ADD: Before you send out troops there is now a link on the screen to get back to the commands, whereupon all values are restored

    - ADD: The sum of all resources produced at settlements is now shown on the resource pages

    - ADD: BB-Codes for building icons (see Help -> BB-Codes)

    - ADD: Coordinates inserted into the input boxes for X|Y from the clipboard are automatically split into the two boxes

    -ADD: If you run your cursor over the attack icon, deposited units are shown as popups on the settlements that are stored as favourites

    - ADD: A player’s alliance title is now also shown in the highscore

    - ADD: There is a tutorial for newbies now

    - ADD: The memorial’s special bonus is now included in the battle report

    - ADD: A player’s own morale is included in his/her profile

    - ADD: In the detailed attack overview there is now the command ‘Cancel’, that is, if the command can be cancelled in the first place

    - ADD: Premium Account: In the detailed view of the attack you can apply the start- and target coordinates of the attack to the run time calculator automatically

    - ADD: Premium Account: Units of your own currently running troop movements are shown as a tooltip at the barracks

    - ADD: User request: The Counts’ runtime is displayed in red on the map in the popup, if the Count’s time exceeds the maximum travel distance

    - ADD: User request: Reports can be moved into the detailed view again

    - ADD: User request: Under map-> Settings (below on the expandable page) you can now choose between different sizes for the minimap

    - ADD: If a building has not been constructed yet, the missing requirements for it are shown on the building page

    - CHANGED: The user pictures in the forum have been slightly minimized

    - CHANGED: Better display of which messages have been sent and received and which messages are read/unread

    - CHANGED: The attack planner has been completely revised. Troops that have been inserted by clicking on the place for troops can be defined now. Old entries in the attack planner will be deleted when update is activated.

    - CHANGED: The run time calculator and the settlement favourites have received individual entry fields for x and y

    - CHANGED: The view filter in messages and reports has been more redesigned allowing more comfortable and intuitive use

    - CHANGED: The classic graphics style in the castle view has been given a facelift

    - CHANGED: The message display layout has been improved

    - CHANGED: Premium Account: On the player and alliance conquest pages the column for ‘Current Points/ Conquests’ has been changed into ‘Points (current / conquests)’.

    - CHANGED: Premium Account: The coordinates of links that contain a settlement name with coordinates are now linked to the map. Clicking on the settlement name still leads you to the settlement info page.

    - CHANGED: Premium Account: A small report symbol appears on the header of new reports now. If you have a premium account it is directly linked to the report subdirectory.

    - CHANGED: Performance: The messages and report systems have been completely revised (visually nothing has changed)

    - CHANGED: User request: The command order at the command space at the barracks is now: attack, spy, support

    - CHANGED: Pictures that are too large in the alliance forum are now automatically minimised so that the layout is not disrupted

    - CHANGED: Building techtree has been changed. You now need a market to build a donkey stable, not the other way around.

    - CHANGED: Revision of the Warehouse page (better overview)

    - CHANGED: Revision of the Hideout page (better overview)

    - CHANGED: Revision of the Alchemist page (better overview, now all research requirements are shown)

    - CHANGED: Revision of the town wall page (Additional information displayed and better overview)

    - CHANGED: Revision of the Miller page (better overview)

    - CHANGED: Revision of the Donkey Stable pages (better overview)

    - CHANGED: Revision of the resource pages (Additional information displayed and better overview)

    - FIXED: Highlighting the map always switched it to the first settlement

    - FIXED: The building queue is recalculated if attacks with battering rams or trebuchets destroy buildings

    - FIXED: Sometimes the wrong entry was deleted when deleting entries in the navigation bar

    - FIXED: When changing a settlement name, it is automatically checked that the name is not longer than 30 characters. Name is also not cut off any more (problems in IE6 with broken UTF-8 characters)

    - FIXED: Reports were sometimes not shown in chronological order

    - FIXED: Turning the page in user defined inboxes works again now

    - FIXED: The green arrow in the alliance forum that jumps onto the last post, now scrolls down to the last post

    - FIXED: The current settlement on the map should always be white, even if it has receive a special colour

    - FIXED: Favourites‘ units in the settlements can now be set to 0 again

    - FIXED: You cannot have diplomatic relations with your own alliance any more

    - FIXED: Rank sorting error for defeated opponents

    - FIXED: Faulty resources display at the popup in the market and favourites -> Own

    - FIXED: Spies that have fallen during a spy attack are now really gone

    - FIXED: Turning pages works in every tab now in the troop overview

    - FIXED: Barracks: In the ‘favourites’ popup all groups had the title ‘Without a group’

    - FIXED: Small layout problem in some overviews. Now settlement names are wrapped to the next line if necessary.

    - FIXED: You can edit favourite groups now even if you have more than one group

    - FIXED: You can only view the online status of friends in messages etc. if they really have activated their own online status

    - FIXED: You cannot create nameless favourite groups any more

    - FIXED: After expiration of a premium account, one could still insert up to 100 people into the favourites, if you had a minimum of 21 people on the list (so had already had premium before).

    - FIXED: Premium account: All conquests in an alliance are now displayed correctly, not just the last 20

    - FIXED: Special characters % and ? cannot be used in search boxes any more

    - FIXED: When a settlement is conquered that used to be in a group, the old group assignment has to be deleted

    - FIXED: If you already have 5 colour posts for alliances, you cannot edit any more posts (‘Error: You can create a maximum of 5 posts for alliances.’)


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v0.1.20 - 13.10.2009

    - ADD: From now on the number of battles and defeated opponents will be shown in the player and alliance profile.

    - ADD: There is a 'pillory' in the ranking now, so that you can have an overview of blocked players

    - ADD: Newly added rankings for single player and alliance battles

    - ADD: Icons for the easy integration of settlements, players and alliances in messages, profiles and in the alliance forum

    - ADD: 'Playing since' indicator is now shown on the player profile

    - ADD: Premium Account: The settlements on the player overview page shows which settlements you are sending attacks, support or defence to

    - ADD: Premium Account: Trade reports for direct dispatch (not for barter trade) there is the option to 'resend resources'

    - ADD: Premium Account: At the end of battle reports there is the option to 'recruit fallen units again'

    - ADD: Premium Account: On the settlement info page, all reports belonging to the particular settlement is shown

    - ADD: Premium Account: Simplified selection via drop-down for settlements and groups which is next to the settlement name on the information bar

    - ADD: Premium Account: The green status icons are also shown with the date of the last completion as a tooltip in the combined overview now

    - ADD: Premium Account: The information bar can individually be assembled under 'settings' in your profile

    - ADD: Premium Account: Espionage is now shown as an additional task bar in the overview under commands

    - ADD: Premium Account: 'Mass recruitment' at the barracks allows the training of units in all settlements at the same time

    - CHANGE: All reports are deleted on speed servers after four days, if they are not in a folder

    - CHANGE: At the market on „send resources“, the link 'own' behind the favourites has been removed, as all settlements are already in the drop-down

    - CHANGE: Modern castle view: Building level takes building queue into account now (current + under construction)

    - CHANGE: The visual appearance of reports now matches the appearance of messages

    - CHANGE: You cannot send any more troops and resources if you have played from the same internet connection in the last 48 hours

    - CHANGE: You cannot log into your account from several computers at the same time

    - CHANGE: Improved display of quotations in the alliance forum

    - CHANGE: When the residence is extended, the Count building queue is recalculated

    - CHANGE: If an attacker does not have any surviving units in battle, the opponent's killed troops will not only be made visible after 7 days in the statistics, but after 7 days /world speed (change made for speed rounds)

    - CHANGE: Map: Colours from highlighted settlements are not shown on the legend any more (for a better overview)

    - CHANGE: In the troop overview, support is highlighted in colours for a clearer view

    - CHANGE: Premium Account: The overview 'commands' has been optimised in the display (attack type is now also shown as an icon)

    - FIXED: On the alliance attack page, the number has been set to 50 (was previously the number of troop movements from the premium account overview)

    - FIXED: Editing a post in the alliance forum does not lead back to page 1 any more, but lets you remain on the current page

    - FIXED: Mail icon not shown on deleted players' posts any more

    - FIXED: Escape characters in front of ' have been removed when quoting in the alliance forum

    - FIXED: The '+'-symbol is not deleted in the alliance forum any more

    - FIXED: The age in the profile was sometimes incorrectly calculated

    - FIXED: The info about whether the night bonus is activated or not is now correctly shown in the help section

    - FIXED: A settlement's points are now recalculated if buildings are destroyed during battle

    - FIXED: In the detailed command view, attacks on yourself can only be shown when they arrive, not when they are returning to their opponent

    - FIXED: After deleting a report, you stay in the current folder instead of being lead back to the inbox

    - FIXED: Without the 'forum' alliance right, you cannot access the alliance forum any more

    - FIXED: Problems occurring when trying to forward some messages has been fixed

    - FIXED: Player information page: You cannot add yourself as a favourite any more

    - FIXED: Convoluted quotations in the alliance forum are now correctly displayed

    - FIXED: When an active player chooses to 'start again', the group allocation of his old settlements are deleted

    - FIXED: If you do not belong to an alliance, all players without alliances are not shown as belonging to their own alliance any more

    - FIXED: Forwarding reports and messages: Display of the expandable buddy list works again now

    v0.1.21 - 09.12.2009

    - ADD: New, modern list display in the castle and the barracks

    - ADD: Premium functions are explained better and linked to the game

    - ADD: Login on the homepage can be entered with the 'enter' button

    - ADD: Pillory entries are stored for documentation purposes after the unblock time has expired

    - ADD: The popup for managing groups has been enlarged

    - ADD: Countdown in the attack planer counts the starting time now

    - ADD: Totals line has been added to the building overview

    - ADD: Values over one million are only displayed as 2 digits after the decimal point in player and alliance profiles

    - FIXED: When turning pages in messages, the message 'This message does not exist' often appeared.

    - FIXED: In the graphical settlement overview units were shown on the left without a cut-off point at the thousands digit

    - FIXED: Sometime page-turning arrows were shown in the overview for alliance attacks, even though you cannot turn the page there

    - FIXED: Attacks not visible after conquests

    - FIXED: Message bug when using emoticons

    - FIXED: Dialogue partners were not always linked

    - FIXED: You could attack yourself (without warning)

    - FIXED: After composing or editing an entry in the navigation bar one always ended up on the main profile page

    - FIXED: Barracks - Troops: Formatting the totals line like real totals lines in overviews

    - FIXED: In the favourites, table headings were not arranged properly

    - FIXED: Icons did not work in the internal forum

    - FIXED: Castle sometimes had graphical errors

    v0.1.22 - 23.06.2010

    - ADD: Troops can be dismissed now

    - ADD: When sending out troops, arrival time is now permanently updated

    - ADD: Prevention of forced pushing: The recipient must confirm resource deliveries from foreign players to be able to accept them

    - ADD: 'Morale' is now displayed in espionage reports

    - ADD: Detailed display of foreign settlements has been extended with 'Morale' and 'Runtimes'

    - ADD: New alchemist research topic: Show donkey runtimes on the map

    - ADD: Additional link 'Add to attack planer' in foreign cities, whereby the coordinates are automatically assumed

    - ADD: Icons for bonus settlements: Settlement overview has been extended with an icon that displays the type of bonus settlement next to the settlement name

    - ADD: On the settlement overview you can also see incoming transports now.

    - ADD: Donkey production is displayed at the market

    - ADD: Players receive an email when their last settlement has been enhanced

    - ADD: Inactive players are now warned via email before their account is deleted

    - CHANGED: Rules revised and adapted

    - CHANGED: The sleep mode and the rules belonging to it have been revised

    - CHANGED: Holiday replacement function has been revised and additional rules have been implemented

    - CHANGED: Beginner's attack protection revised: By attacking an opponent, you will lose 5 day protection and if you attack a strong opponent you will lose the 60 day protection. The player will be warned that he will lose his protection before the attack occurs.

    - CHANGED: The graphics' effect has been adapted: If the settlement's agreement is higher than their points, it will be reduced by half of the agreement after a successful attack instead of half of the points.

    - CHANGED: If the alliance forum contains unread messages, the 'Alliance' link in the link tab will lead directly lead to the forum

    - CHANGED: Game tour on the homepage revised

    - FIXED: If a player deletes a message, the respondent will be able to reply to it anyway

    - FIXED: Forwarding message threads only partially possible

    - FIXED: HTML tags are not cut off in messages from users any more

    - FIXED: Circular email error fixed. The maximum number of recipients is now the number of alliance members or at a minimum of 50 (in case the alliance is smaller)

    - FIXED: In forwarded reports, the old times in the issued BBCode are correct now

    - FIXED: An answer to a circular email creates 1:1 communication that both sides can now answer to

    - FIXED: When successfully enhancing settlements in sleep mode, the sleep mode was not reset

    - FIXED: During espionage attacks, troops under construction were lost

    - FIXED: Bonus settlements are now coloured according to their extension level and can be identified as such

    - FIXED: Continent borders on the Minimap are now always visible

    - FIXED: Missing settler icon has now been inserted in the 'Raster' graphics style

    - FIXED: No automatic line break in the personal texts about settlements

    - FIXED: Thousands separator in the troop overview was missing

    v0.1.23 - 03.08.2010

    [BugFix] negative troops (should not appear again)

    [BugFix] not possible to accept res after taking over a settlement

    [Feature] premium overview for incoming transports

    [Changing] changed game-tour on lobby


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v1.0 - 03.09.2010

    • [Feature] new overview if all settlements conquered
    • [Feature] relics (premium items): "construction plans" & "peace treaty"
    • [Feature] buffbar for activated relics
    • [Change] premium accounts changed into „royal consultant“ & „kinght of round table“
    • [Change] sleep mode with 48h delay till activation / reduced onto 90 days
    • [BugFix] negative time of sleep mode after ban
    • [BugFix] if premium account ends within abscence mode you will enter sleep mode
    • [BugFix] messages deleted in premium accounts

    v1.0.3 - 22.09.2010

    • [BugFix] display error of necessary settlers in residence
    • [BugFix] search in ranking of "Beaten opponents in the alliance"
    • [BugFix] display of complete ChangeLog
    • [BugFix] wrong amount of ress after a ban
    • [BugFix] sleep mode not working
    • [Feature] possible to cancel sleep mode request (until the last 12h of the countdown)
    • [Feature] refresh display of available crowns
    • [Feature] better performance

    hotfix for v1.0.3 - 29.09.2010

    • [BugFix] Holiday replacement not working with the Royal Advisers in silver.
    • [BugFix] Sleepmode of players that started it in version 1.0.2 erroneously running in the background

    v1.0.5 - 27.10.2010

    • [BugFix] hourly messages about end of abscence mode fixed
    • [BugFix] missing changelog
    • [BugFix] target coordinates gone if you change your settlement
    • [BugFix] users with negative sleep mode fixed
    • [BugFix] details about premium on help page fixed

    v1.1.3 - 16.12.2010

    • [Feature] New noob protection> Total points are calculated from the current points, the army and the number of settlements
    • > general protection in relation to the points on 1:10
    • > in noob protection phase 1, players cannot be attacked for 5 days
    • > in noob protection phase 2, the player's home village cannot be conquered for 30 days
    • > the respective protection will be forfeited when you attack (phase 1) or conquer (phase 2) other players
    • [Feature] Increase of the hideout's capacity
    • [Feature] planned and quick relocation
    • [Feature] Display limit of 200 settlements increased to 1000
    • [Feature] Conquering email now contains the server
    • [BugFix] Map performance improved
    • [BugFix] Login error '92' fixed
    • [BugFix] Links in ingame message corrected
    • [BugFix] Extension of items corrected

    v1.4.3 - 15.06.2011


    - broken ranking

    - not possible to stop deletion

    - not possible to restart

    v1.5 - 06.09.2011

    • [Feature] reintegration of classic view
    • [Feature] new unit: farmers militia
    • [Feature] new item system (items now bounded to lobby account and can be used on every game round of the respective country - *bought on world 1 can be also used on world 4*)
    • [Feature] stats about conquests now also visible in alliance menu
    • [Feature] reworked settlement view (minor changes)
    • [Bugfix] error message on empty news box (lobby)
    • [Bugfix] several text problems
    • [Bugfix] troup points still visible in one menu
    • [Bugfix] message spam after holiday replacement
    • [Bugfix] Pop-Up in barracks without background picture
    • [Bugfix] missing tooltips in favorites
    • [Bugfix] possible to train a count if you enter nothing or null
    • [Bugfix] problems in settings of holiday replacement
    • [Bugfix] wrong ban duration in email notification

    v1.6 - 21.09.2011

    • [Feature] count added to mass recruitment
    • [Feature] mass-de-recruitment
    • [Feature] optimized mass recruitment if many settlements available
    • [Feature] adjustable mass recruitment for groups
    • [Feature] optimized group management of settlements[Change] optimized message for account deletion
    • [Change] possiblity to change site at the end of the page
    • [Bugfix] shared connection with yourself
    • [Bugfix] deactivated inactivity deletion
    • [Bugfix] missing tooltips (troops)
    • [Bugfix] broken graphics
    • [Bugfix] broken combat calculation
    • [Bugfix] display problem within SM
    • [Bugfix] account deletion broken
    • [Bugfix] multiple active SM possible
    • [Bugfix] missing pop-ups for some settlements
    • [Bugfix] missing notice in absence mode
    • [Bugfix] wrong message after spy mission
    • [Bugfix] new unit missing in unit runtime
    • [Bugfix] wrong order of units in tooltip on the map
    • [Bugfix] broken simulator
    • [Bugfix] text problem in tutorial
    • [Bugfix] missing unit in classic view
    • [Bugfix] missing cooldown after peace treaty


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v2.0 "wheel of fortune" - 07.11.2011

    • [Feature] "wheel of fortune" implemented
    • [Feature] possibility to receive premiumitems and crowns with "wheel of fortune" for free
    • [Feature] History about gained items in "wheel of fortune"
    • [Feature] scoring combats: possibility to receive fortune stones (to use the "wheel of fortune")
    • [Feature] new icon for scoring combats
    • [Feature] new item: fortune stone (benefit: with every stone it is possible to win something on the "wheel of fortune" - available in shop, "wheel of fortune", combat)
    • [Feature] new item: fortune dice (benefit: possible to change items on "wheel of fortune" with every dice - available in shop, "wheel for fortune")
    • [Feature] new item: horseshoe (benefit: accelerated res transfer - available in shop, "wheel of fortune")
    • [Feature] new item: army dummies (benefit: not existing troops shown in spionage report - available in shop, "wheel of fortune")
    • [Feature] new item: tactical retreat (benefit: abortion of attacks, support, spionage - available in shop, "wheel of fortune")
    • [Feature] new item: resources (benefit: different amount of res directly added - available in "wheel of fortune")
    • [Feature] throne room: all relics divided into "shop" (purchasable items) and "inventory" (overview of all items)
    • [Feature] marking of not available fields in mass recruitment
    • [Feature] optimized help page for premium explanations
    • [Feature] extended version of buff line if more than 5 entries available
    • [Feature] priority data in mass recruitment
    • [Bugfix] display problems in premium overview
    • [Bugfix] corrected text for building plan
    • [Bugfix] renaming "add new group" into "group management"
    • [Bugfix] display problem in spionage reports fixed
    • [Bugfix] wrong sorting of building plans in throne room
    • [Bugfix] broken display of long settlement names fixed
    • [Bugfix] incorrect insert in troup simulator
    • [Bugfix] mass recruitment fixed (keeping level, troops in queue)
    • [Bgufix] building time of units in mass recruitment fixed
    • [Bugfix] negative settlers
    • [Bugfix] broken inactivity deletion fixed
    • [Bugfix] problem with relocation
    • [Bugfix] error if changing settlement while starting an attack
    • [Bugfix] postponed units in tooltip on map
    • [Bugfix] font size on map optimized
    • [Bugfix] text errors on help page fixed
    • [Bugfix] changed design in simulator while active night bonus
    • [Bugfix] jumping layout in troop movements
    • [Bugfix] bug in message system
    • [Bugfix] overdue problem in attacks
    • [Bugfix] not possible to select beginner world before login of player

    v2.0.2 (and 2.0.3 pl1) - 17.01.2012

    • [Feature] every user will get 2 lucky stones for free on each server he plays (including a popup after the login with a text about the free stones)
    • [Feature] every user will get 2 lucky stones for free in the future on new servers with the first login (new doesn't mean 'new', it means 'a server where user has not played yet')
    • [Feature] the wheel will get new tables, that means when users use the dices they won't only get new relics at the table but also the amount of golden and silver feels and thereby the quality of the new relics may be upgraded.

    v2.0.4 - 23.01.2012

    • [Bugfix]Overdue attacks which lead in a wrong amount of lucky stones as reward

    v2.1.0 - 09.02.2012

    • [Feature] prioritizing mass recruitment by drag & drop
    • [Feature] user deletion reactivated
    • [Feature] won lucky stones icon linked to Wheel of Fortune
    • [Feature] IE6 users are friendly asked to update browser
    • [Feature] declaration tooltips in premium bar
    • [Feature] peace treaties direct buyable on several overviews
    • [Feature] inventory sorted by date by default
    • [Feature] noob protection and throne room implemented in help menu
    • [Feature] duration of mass recruitment of one type of unit is shown before starting it
    • [Feature] "Activate" button can be used in stuck items in inventory to unpack them (lucky stones for example)
    • [Bugfix] corrected help of realm of power
    • [Bugfix] fixed mass recruitment of counts
    • [Bugfix] mass recruitment in IE9 fixed
    • [Bugfix] fixed payout of lucky stones after a combat
    • [Bugfix] removed sticky popups
    • [Bugfix] arriving support has correct starting settlement
    • [Bugfix] search added additional (wrong) letters
    • [Bugfix] highscore for new accounts
    • [Bugfix] send troops to settlements with a 0 coordinate
    • [Bugfix] holiday replacement could be assigned more then one time
    • [Bugfix] problems by attending more then one holiday replacement
    • [Bugfix] tooltip on map had wrong position
    • [Bugfix] fixed summer graphics
    • [Bugfix] fixed help for unit walking time
    • [Bugfix] indication error on overview
    • [Bugfix] fixed negative settlers due to mass recruitment
    • [Bugfix] permanent refresh if recruiting 0 units
    • [Bugfix] miscellaneous bugfixes for WoF
    • [Bugfix] stuck Wheel of Fortune
    • [Bugfix] missing items after spinning the Wheel of Fortune

    v2.2.0 - 20.13.2012

    • [Feature] Possibility for players to delete their accounts in lobby
    • [Feature] Goldsmith: name of resource will be displayed in tooltip when landing the mouse on the picture
    • [Feature] Market: name of resource will be displayed in tooltip when landing the mouse on the picture
    • [BugFix] Missing tooltips in market in accepted offer message
    • [BugFix] The imagetag is not working at alliance pages
    • [BugFix] The table of the building overview exceeds the borders if the name of a settlement is too long
    • [BugFix] It's possible to have more than 20 friends in favourite without having a premium account
    • [BugFix] Supporting troops are displayed twice in the overview
    • [BugFix] Scripting via alliance page has been possible
    • [BugFix] Stuck Wheel of Fortune
    • [BugFix] The WoF is broken in .AE
    • [BugFix] Highscore broken in S12 .TR (.net)
    • [BugFix] Display of accents is broken in .SK
    • [BugFix] Partially broken mass recruitment
    • [BugFix] Massrecruitment: wrong amount of max counts because needed amount of armors wasn't considered
    • [BugFix] Massrecruitment: numbers under the table cells
    • [BugFix] Massrecruitment: layout and "coloring"
    • [Changed] Settings in help menu will change depending on the server settings
    • [Changed] User with crowns won't be deleted anymore (Lobby)
    • [Changed] When a building is being demolished, the level of the building will be displayed in the building queue

    v2.2.1 - 11.04.2012


    • If an user canceled an e-mail change but the 'forgot password' option had been used before, it was still possible to use the link from the e-mail afterwards
    • Users have not been set in sleep mode when the premium account ends and the replacement premium function was activated
    • An error during the masscoining (>500) caused an internal server error (white page) in some cases (mass production of golden armours)
    • Some users had ennoblement protection in all of their settlements when they should have it only in the first one
    • Some users got lucky stones when attacking player who are in the same alliance as them
    • When an user activates sleep mode and cancels it during warm up (before the last 12 hours) troops were cancelled anyway when the SM should have been started (even if it was cancelled during warm up)
    • Settlement relocation causes whitepage
    • Several XSS errors

    v2.2.2 - 15.05.2012

    • [Feature] Undo email change invalids forgotten password request
    • [Feature] Automatic season calculation for layout has been implemented
    • [Bugfix] Impossible to log in in lobby after account had been marked for deletion
    • [Bugfix] Lobby account suddenly disappeared
    • [Bugfix] Attack protection didn't end when user launched an attack against a stronger and he should lose the protection
    • [Bugfix] Mass coining (golden armors) causes error, if 'leave'- input is empty
    • [Bugfix] Counts were not counted correctly in the residence
    • [Bugfix] The night layout was influenced from players' time zone settings
    • [Bugfix] Relocation did not send other players' stationed units back home
    • [Bugfix] Canceling attack in peace treaties has been corrected
    • [Bugfix] New sitting request could be sent before cooldown ends
    • [Bugfix] Buildings were instantly constructed by abusing broken sleep mode
    • [Bugfix] Players in sleep mode did not receive the account deletion mail while they were in sleep mode
    • [Bugfix] Reading the aliance forum during absence cancelled the vacation

    v2.2.3 - 21.06.2012


    • Bugfix - Some accounts were not deleted correctly (Portal)
    • Bugfix - Some accounts were not deleted correctly (Lobby)
    • Feature - Users will get a message for successful usage of revert links (Such as 'e-mail has been validated successfully' and 'e-mail adress had been reseted successfully')


    • Changed - The info text for cancelling the sleep mode is variable now
    • Changed - Wrong error message implied that it is possible to attack other players while using a peace treaty
    • Changed - TR got another time description (sa:dk:sn instead of hh:mm:ss)
    • Changed - The troop speed at the server description will now display the real troop speed, which is also influenced by the server speed
    • Changed - The description when activating a peace treaty implied that all running attacks (not only those during the treaty) are cancelled, the text has been corrected/cleared.
    • Bugfix - Some users were not able to use all functions of the game after a ban had been lifted
    • Bugfix - The display of the building time was screwed in some languages for the modern graphic styles 'list' and 'raster'
    • Bugfix - Battle and spionage reports without any information (blank)
    • Bugfix - Spent sleep mode days have not been charged when premium finished and account went out of sleep mode automatically
    • Bugfix - An XSS Security issue has been solved
    • Bugfix - Ennoblements of banned settlements caused that the realm of power didn't increase anymore
    • Bugfix - The amount of settlements, chosen at the mass recruitment weren't saved. Now users do not have to enter the amount again and again anymore
    • Bugfix - Some images were missing in AE
    • Bugfix - The battering ram decreased the combat power in some special cases

    v2.2.3_P|1 - 26.06.2012

    • [Bugfix] Buff bar was out of alignment
    • [Bugfix] Non Attack Pact was not activated when the holiday replacement finished
    • [Bugfix] Text link at the red navigation bar was out of alignment
    • [Bugfix] Alignment of all texts is centered in IE (even if it should have another alignment)
    • [Bugfix] Players can’t cancel a Holiday Replacement request

    v2.2.4 - 22.08.2012

    • [Bug fix] Text which describes the crowns pack from wheel of fortune was wrong
    • [Bug fix] Choosing 'favourites' when trying to send troops from a sitted account resulted in a display of own settlements, not those of the sat account
    • [Bug fix] A security issue has been solved, that appeared when users wanted to rename troops
    • [Bug fix] A security issue has been solved, that appeared when users wanted to send a message
    • [Bug fix] When users with premium account turned the options at the information bar off (such as 'show settlement dropdown') and tried to use the function afterwards, the game displayed an error message which asked users to buy the premium account
    • [Bug fix] It was possible to create settlements groups without names
    • [Bug fix] The flag "new" at the weel of fortune has been removed
    • [Bug fix] The help text for the sleepmode was not displayed in any nation beside Germany
    • [Bug fix] The Non Attack Pact which becomes active when a holiday replacement ends didn't work properly so a previously sat user was able to directly attack his sitter

    v2.2.5 - 18.09.2012

    • [Changed] Wheel of fortune resources deliveries have been balanced according to players' score (details below)
    • [Bug fix] Two alliances could have the same name and tag

    v2.2.6 - 15.11.2012

    • [Feature] Wonder speed server
    • [Bugfix] Ending time of peace treaty in private message attacker receives was not displayed in server time

    v2.2.8 - 18.3.2013

    • [Feature] New throne room layout
    • [Feature] Resources booster in throne room
    • [Feature] Warehouse booster in throne room
    • [Feature] Hideout booster in throne room
    • [Feature] Player can't send resources to higher accounts
    • [Feature] Player in market can set offers as "only visible for friends and/or alliance members/for a specific player"
    • [Feature] Website: new rules have been implemented
    • [Bugfix] Holiday replacement couldn't be stopped when sending its request while sleep mode warm up phase
    • [Bugfix] A critical bug which made it possible to get resources
    • [Bugfix] Not possible to activate sleep mode in speed servers
    • [Bugfix] Not possible to use golden armour mass production on more than 1.000 settlements at once
    • [Bugfix] Sleep mode days were not reduced
    • [Bugfix] Special characters caused problems with mass recruitment
    • [Bugfix] Realm of power bugged while sleep mode warm up phase
    • [Bugfix] Problem with special character set encoding
    • [Bugfix] Banned accounts were not deleted due to inactivity
    • [Bugfix] Some lobby accounts were not deleted due to inactivity

    v2.2.9 - 20.03.2013

    • [Bugfix] Overdue building queues and troops
    • [Bugfix] Abandoned settlements were brown-coloured on minimap
    • [Bugfix] Throne room crashes on Internet Explorer (you will be asked to update it to the newest version)

    v2.2.10 - 15.04.2013


    • News tabs in goldsmith and residence to jump between them;


    • Increased Realm of power per hour not related to server speed;
    • Relocation cooldown didn't disable the "activate" button at throne room/inventory;
    • Display error in barracks coordinates fields with [;
    • Wrong Realm of power behavior during sleep mode.

    Wonder Server

    • [Feature] Leader election system implemented;
    • [Feature] Alliances will receive a circular message when a wonder has been destroyed
    • [Change] Accounts will be deleted after 10 days of inactivity (if no premium booster is running)

    v2.2.10_pl4 - 06.05.2013

    • [Bugfix] Changes for a better general server performance (less lags now);
    • [Bugfix] Member list sorting (by number of votes) at voting page in alliance is correct now.

    v2.2.11 - 10.07.2013


    • Settings for wonder speed servers
    • Accounts that are not validated can't vote for a leader
    • Removal of memorial bonus on wonder wall


    • Adjustment on battle reports text regarding memorial bonus

    v2.2.15 - 14.07.2014


    • Wrong sleep mode description text in speed servers.
    • Realm of power dropping drastically with sleep mode.
    • Wrong language and support link in ban mails.


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v3.0.4 - 09.12.2014

    • This version fixes one problem with leader election messages in the wonder servers, the messages were empty and no text displayed.

    v3.0.5 - 15.04.2015


    • Bug fix: profile was displayed with html code after being edited using BBCode.
    • Bug fix: "Forgot password" link linked to a dead lobby page.
    • Buffs were not correctly displayed in mass recruitment.
    • Wrong time of "when resources are available" at troops research.


    • Bug fix: "Wrong password" error message was shown if a player changed his or her password at the lobby and tried to register on a new server afterwards

    v3.0.5_pl3 (Lobby & Game) - 08.09.2015


    • When settlements with special characters were moved, some players weren’t able to play anymore for 48 hours

    v3.0.5_pl4 (Lobby & Game) - 19.10.2015

    • internal backend fixes implemented

    v3.1.0- 02.11.2017 (around 10:00)

    Game version contents:

    • Every village of a deleted player will hastily be relocated randomly.
    • Every village's acceptance will be set to max.
    • Every village will get +5 to +15 random farm levels for defence support.
    • Every village will get 30 barbarian build ticks resulting in 30 randomly set building levels.
    • Every village will get bows/spears as defence units. Therefore the free workers are calculated and random 30 - 70 percent are used as bow units. Remaining free workers will become spear units.
    • This results in nice targets relocated into the beginner's area.

    Lobby version contents:

    • Problem with signups and the captcha has been fixed.

    v3.1.1 - 13.12.2017 at around 10:00

    • Anti botting script has been adjusted to ensure server stability.


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v3.2.0 (including lobby v3.1.0) - 07.08.2018 at 14:00

    Game v3.2.0

    • HTTPS switch
    • In-game pillory removed

    Lobby v3.1.0

    • HTTPS switch

    Due to the preparation of getting SSL Certificates (https) for Kingsage, we have to change the URLs of the servers.

    The new URL pattern will read as follows:



    So far:

    After the update:


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Dear Players

    Unfortunately the update had to be postponed.

    No new date known yet, we will inform you as soon as we have one.

    Kind regards

    Your Kingsage Team


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Dear Players

    As we have been informed the v3.2.0 (including lobby 3.1.0) will be installed on Tuesday, 07.08.2018 at 14:00.

    Due to the preparation of getting SSL Certificates (https) for Kingsage, we have to change the URLs of the servers.

    The new URL pattern will read as follows:



    So far:

    After the update:

    Kind regards

    Your Kingsage Team


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Dear Players,

    We will be updating Kingsage to v3.2.1 on 28.07.2020 starting at 10:00 CEST


    • the button for spinning the wheel has a too long text in EN / HU / ES. => fixed
    • internal backend fixes implemented

    Kind regards

    Your Kingsage Team


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v3.4.1 - 18.03.2021 10:00

    Dear Players,

    will be updating Kingsage to v3.4.1 today 18.03.2021 starting at 10:00 CET to fix the issue where some players are being logged out (kicked out of the game) every few minutes.

    Kind regards

    Your Kingsage Team


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v3.4.1-pl1 (game & lobby) - 05.12.2022

    Date: 2022-12-05 starting at 10:00

    - Release game version 3.4.1-pl1

    - Release lobby version lobby-3.4.1-pl1

    Patch notes:

    - Backend improvements implemented


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Release game v3.4.1-pl2

    Date: 2023-01-16: starting at 13:00

    Patch notes:
    - Internal backend fixes implemented



  • v3.4.2 (game & lobby) - 16.05.2023

    Release game version 3.4.2

    Release lobby version lobby-3.4.2

    Date: 2023-05-16, starting at 10:00 CEST


    • The USK logo in the lobby is now shown for all languages and regions.
    • Users are now properly redirected to the server selection after creating a new account.
    • Various backend changes to improve account security.


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • v4.0.1 - 07.11.2023

    Dear Players,

    Tomorrow, 7 November 2023, starting at 10:00 CET, we will be releasing another hotfix (v4.0.1) to address the issues affecting servers that were updated to version 4.0.0 last week.

    Kind regards,

    Kingsage Team


    Patch notes v4.0.2:

    - Bug fixes, including fixes for mass recruitment issues and ranking not updating correctly on FR1.


    on 15.11.2023 - 1st batch of servers & 2nd batch of servers

    on 16.11.2023 - 3rd batch of servers
    on 21.11.2023 - 4th bach of servers


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Knights,

    On 15.01.2024 starting at 10:00 CET we will be doing another patch update.

    v.4.0.3 Patch notes:

    • Internal backend changes implemented.

    As usual, there may be a short period of downtime while a new version of the game is being rolled out, but the servers will be back online as soon as possible.

  • v4.0.3-pl1 - 15.01.2024

    Dear Players,

    We will be deploying hotfix 4.0.3-pl1 today, 15 January 2024 at 14:15. CET to address some issues identified during the 4.0.3 rollout earlier today.


    Edit: @14:40

    Due to additional checks and investigations, the hotfix rollout has been delayed. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We will keep you updated on the new rollout schedule.


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Dear Players,

    We will be releasing version 4.0.3-pl1 on 22.01.2024, starting at 10:00 CET to address some issues identified during the 4.0.3 rollout.

    Please note:

    • Due to a change in character sets, some stored older messages may become partially or completely illegible.
    • Since the affected messages cannot be identified beforehand, we kindly ask you to save any messages you would like to keep outside of the game as a cautionary measure.
    • All messages generated after the rollout will be displayed properly as usual again.

      As usual, there may be a short period of downtime while a new version of the game is being rolled out, but the servers will be back online as soon as possible.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Your Kingsage Team


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz

  • Dear Players,

    We are aware of an issue that is causing some names (e.g. player names) to be displayed incorrectly due to special characters in them after today's update. Our team is actively working to resolve this issue.

    In order to address this issue as quickly as possible, we have temporarily disabled the login option. This means that new logins will not be possible at this time. However, players who are already logged in will not be affected.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.


    ℹ️ Edit Status update from 14:15 CET: We have temporarily taken the game servers offline, which means they will be unavailable until the issues are resolved. Thank you for your understanding and patience as our team works to resolve the issues that have arisen following today's update.


    Community Manager of Kingsage .pl /.nl / .ro / .us / .fr / .en / .cz