Game Operator Recruitment | Closed

  • ~ Game Operator Recruitment ~

    Dear Players,

    Kingsage USA is looking for new people to join the team. Game Operators are responsible for:

    • Enforcing the Game Rules on the server they operate on;
    • Banning players who break the game rules;
    • Extend the help and user-support on the board;
    • Answer on tickets in the support system;
    • Moderate on IRC.

    If you are a helpful person who is knowledgable about the game and has good communication skills in English then consider applying. Send an application to with the subject Go Application and the following information:

    • Your username on the Board;
    • Are you at least 18 years old?
    • Your Game username and the Worlds or other communities you play in.
    • Your email
    • Your Kingsage game experience.
    • Any experience in teams on this or any other similar game you have.
    • Why do you think you are right for this position;

    Anything about yourself that you think is relevant;I am not setting a concrete limit to how long your application must be but it does need to be long enough for me to get some idea about how well you can communicate in English.

    Important: You need an IRC account, if you don't have one, please, check the guide here: IRC Guide

    Have a nice game!!!!

    Your KingsAge USA Team.


    Team manager, y Game Administrator

    Contacto: correo/email: