Cookie Policy - Rossz sütimester beállítás?

  • sorry for the english... i have the same problem (game & forum) with

    google chrome and only on android.

    No problems with other browsers and with google chrome on my computer.

    The message pops up on every page, even if I click on the button. I had to change browser ;(


  • Perculia , te is csak mobilon tapasztaltad ezt? Melyik böngészővel? Bármi aktív addon?

    Espo , thank you for the report! Interesting that it only happens on mobile. I'll see if I can push this. Mobile functionality doesn't get as much focus as PC though, but let's see.

  • Not sure if the cookie handling in mobile browsers works any different than on normal browsers, but I'd assume it doesn't. If you have any app to clean your history or optimize your mobile phone's performance this might just simply delete the cookie?

    Mobile isn't exactly the main focus there, so...acknowledged, but as long as it works fine in the desktop browser chances are we'll not do much about it, sorry.