Pillory tab is missing???

  • Thats why this forum is dead and nobody visit it. Just some useless admins that spam in shitty topics.
    Only servers with good admins which I see were russian, but they are dead now. 90% of other servers basicly dont have admins, or they just help to their friends ingame as happened here.

    As everyone could see admins are too bisy to spam in their shitty topics than to help in game or to aswer why pillory tab is missing. This makes this forum absolutly useless. Forum purpose is to have help and to report bugs (not is stupid ticket systems) and here players are not even allowed to discuss kingsage related topics.

    Game is not worth playing without real in game admins which dont exist now

  • Hello, a new version was installed on 07.08.2018, this is why you cannot see the pillory. It's not a bug.


  • then this game is going into even deeper shit. It is very stupid to remove it. Idea should come from someone that absolutly dont care for this game.
    If you ask players they will agree that we should be able to see what admins are doing or what not.
    How plaayers could request to have this tab back?

  • The Community Manager, that is the direct contact to Gameforge, will be aware of your request.

    For now, there is nothing more that can be done.

    Thanks and happy gaming :)


  • The pillory has been removed in most GameForge games and communities for years now. This more than likely will not be reversed any time soon. Other communities had it removed a few years ago, we just happened to be last on the list.

    This goes back to the ban discussion not being allowed outside of the support system. Some laws changed and GF had to comply.

    Does the high scores list not show if the player is banned or not? I know in another GF game, I can search the name and it will say if it's banned or not.


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  • Its not just to see who is banned and who not. There are and other punishments diferent than ban.
    Also someone banned 3-4 months ago could be unbanned. You cant expect from me or anyone else to check daily who is banned and who not.

    On some of previous servers we also demanded from one admin to unban previously banned accounts and he do it.
    Also this was a way to see that admins are doing something (for example on russian worlds) or nothing when there are no banned multies (most of worlds).

  • Yes, it's possible to see the bans directly on the ranking.

    I'm sorry but we can't help you in this case.


  • Hello

    This is not a bug but indented change.

    The Pillory is gone and won't be back (privacy laws).

    Thank you for your understanding.



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