Thread needs approved by a moderator???

  • Hello...I made a thread on TUESDAY. A week ago, basically. And, it STILL has not been approved by moderators, so people cant see it.

    Are you censoring me? Because if you are, that is illegal., and I would like contact information of some one at the head office. I did not break any forum rules when I posted it, and you offered no clarification for closing it. I am not violating the terms and conditions. Thanks

  • I invite you to read carefully the Forum Rules, especially the part about "Posting in the Forum". it is clearly stated there that the forum is NOT a place for reporting exploits or other players (and under that also guilds, alliances etc.)

    For that there is a ticket system.

    Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. If your post(s) violate the Forum Rules they can be disabled/deleted and/or the warning can be issued.

    I hope this is clear now, so: threadclosed.gif


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