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    ok.. my birthady is at the 13.3. The special thing is.. it was a Friday. :D I got born on a Friday the 13th. So what i like on this date.. i like the odd numbers. I dont like even numbers. So im fine with the date. :D Whast i dont like.. the weather in March.. can be every year complete different. And i finally dont know if it was a bad Friday the 13th or a good. :D

    OK good to know. Well my complete alliance started 3 Weeks Later. 2 German alliances Just directly went against us. One of Them is Destroyer. The other ones are to Bad. (Ok Well, in a 1vs7 dont loose a Village is a Bit skill from me to i think. :D)

    Cooperation in Germany dont exist really. Always the Same. 50% of The Players dont Like me after the Last worlds for example. So i think It will be interesting in a 1v1

    well Germany got some good players to.. but the most of them dont play every world or dont play the game more. We playd against some turkish players on our w24 and won against them. with focus from all other german alliance's. :-D in Germany we have the problem that we fight us each other instant of against players of other nations. And in Germany its actually like you win with 5 good players in a alliance against 2 other alliance's.. weird stuff. And in my break some of my m8s won in some other worlds so.. i think some of us are dont bad to :)

    And actually are some guys from italy in our w27.. well actually my alliance and me dont fight against them.. but one player mostly destroy a other alliance alone. Could be interesting later :)

    I wish something like die worldchampionshipserver.. for all nations with a high speed :D