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    I think that banned players should be provided with some period of time to prove their innocence. If they can't do that within the period of time then holiday mode and conquest protection should be removed from their accounts and their settlements should be free for conquest by another players.

    On worlds players create hundreds of multies not to conquer or farm it but just to disable the other players to relocate settlement on their continent because the continent with multiaccounts reaches its maximum density.

    So they do not mind whether their multies get banned or not. The settlements of their multies fulfil its purpose which is not fair for the opposite side because they can not relocate their setts on the continent of the multiaccounters but the multiaccounters can relocate their setts on the continents of

    the other players.

    So my proposal is to delete all the small setts of banned players automatically as soon as they get banned (or don't even ban but delete immediately) without giving them a chance to stand up for themselves.

    I know that you have the tools to delete an existing settlement from the map. You did it on the Czech world 17 where somebody created a few thousands of spam setts and it all have been deleted within a minute.

    It's 4 years already since the last event world took place. Is any other world/european championship scheduled?

    Since event world is the only chance to play kingsage without PT's I bet plenty of players would be pleased with such server.

    Would be nice if GF showed some respect to their players who are calling for removing PT's and relocations and open such world for them.

    x20 speed also reduces multiaccounting which is another big problem nowadays.

    Could anyone from GF staff reply my post and answer the following questions:

    1) Will you open new event world with PT's disabled?

    2) If yes, when?

    3) If not, why? Will GF ever stop ignoring its KA players and start hearing what are they calling for?