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    • Speed x4
    • Unit run time: x4
    • Nightly bonus: disabled -- excessive spenders will create very few defensive troops and use treaties every time outside the night bonus times just so they never need to defend themselves. It wastes everyones time when they avoid defending.
    • Maximum travel distance of count: Don't care
    • Conquest protection: 20 Days - Any less gives too much advantages to excessive spenders

    Polish server w32 seems to dominated by one alliance over there. It seems that gameforge has forgotten about this game let alone doesn't seem to care about this community any more. I remember the days when I had almost a direct contact with the developers of Kingsage back during the first world.

    Now the most we hear from management are those copy/paste advertisments of 30% off for crowns for a game that most people aren't playing because all the worlds have already been conqured and won. Otherwise its mainly Espo and SirLoganLockley who are part of our community who we only seem to hear anything positive from now.

    Yes, this is very bad for the game to open the servers in most countries in the same day.

    They need to alternate. Perhaps 1-3 countries each month.

    Not 10 counties at same day, then they wait 3-6 months before doing 10 countries again - this is very bad for the future of the game.

    This game community has continued to fall in numbers for reasons discussed many times. The new worlds are ending in a matter of weeks now in some cases rather than a few months or a couple of years as they used to last.

    However whenever they decide to start new worlds we seem to see them all opening up at the same time over the various timezones/counties.

    How about staggering the openings of the new worlds so that there is more active play. Right now many community worlds are over in terms of people playing them and people are just sitting around waiting for something new to begin.

    Just a question, is the community manager (coma) position a paid/employee/support position representing gameforge's company, or is it a volunteer position which was created to represent the members of this gaming community as a go between us and the developers / and/or game support etc?

    Thank goodness I'm only playing a minor role in the latest server this time as I've noticed today after the new update to HTTPS is that it seems rather slow displaying the items on each page as I click through them.

    It seems that the images are not being cached by my browser chrome as each time a new webpage is clicked to I have to sit and wait for each of the small images to download again each time.

    Ok, we all know most people hate the wheel of fortune early game boosts, and more importantly the peace treaty (PTs) as being responsible for many players quitting the game over the years.

    We also know Gameforge won't get rid of them either because of its cash cow earning ability.

    So why don't they just change the cost of crowns required for the Treaties. The short peace treaty is somehow the least expensive, yet it is the most useful with least risk to the defender so is mostly used. The longer treatys often don't work out for the defender since the long cool down gives attackers a good shot at hitting back. The short treaties should cost the most to begin with.

    Gameforge should bump the prices up a LOT. Make them 3x or 4x the cost to use. Surely there is a good sweet spot that could be found... I higher price could well make gameforge more money, so they should at least trial a change in the relic crown cost.

    As for wheel of fortune spins, how about put a restriction on the number of spins made per day to hold back the super big boosters a little bit.

    Yet again there could be a sweet spot the developers could find where they make good money and control the spenders rise to much. i.e. instead of spending to spin the wheel 100 times in week 2 of the game, a big spender may end up buying 200 wheel spins spread over the first month to get the same effect.

    SirLoganLockley , since I've heard people ask many times to remove PTs and WoF and never anything on changing the crown cost for those items, what do you think the chances of proposing and getting these suggestions put to the Gameforge developers and money/bean counters?

    It kept on coming back for me too... not straight away but a little later. I found that if you have Adblock installed for chrome I can right click the ad, choose block, then move the slider along until it appears blocked and its gone for that particular world.

    They need to get rid of the password restriction. 12 characters, lower case, upper case, numbers, special characters. Do they think this forum is going to be hacked that it needs such security with their passwords here? I finally joined after multiple password creating attempts. I dont even remember what password I created so next time i may not be able to log back in