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    As normal, we are honored to obtain your thoughts concerning the configuration of a new world in Kingsage EN servers.

    • Speed: x1, x2, x3 or x4
    • Unit run time: x1, x2, x3 or x4
    • Nightly bonus: active from xx:xx until xx:xx (same day) or disabled
    • Maximum travel distance of count: according to what dev has said this can be set to any value for example 15 (previously the choice was only a number between 70 and 100)
    • Conquest protection: 30 days or less.

    The remaining settings would be the "standard" ones as most servers in the past.

    Important: We don't know when the new server will be open, but this discussion will be available until Sunday, May 5 at 23:55 (Eastern Time GMT -5)


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    Richard1955 , please re-read my previous statement. ;) It states that once further information is provided from Gameforge, either myself.. the Board Admin or CoMA will release it. We have not been provided any information yet regarding bringing back speed worlds, but it has been discussed. That's all we are aware of right now on this subject. :)

    And I'm not apart of the "youth of today".. as if I was, well.. I'm just not going there. ;)^^:D

    Thank you for your response, Tiuna el Fuerte . Personally, I do not see a reason for you to receive a ban.. but again, that is simply my opinion the FA might feel differently. I think the idea of having at least one world without all premium features or the WoF is a great idea. It would lead to a full blow out strategic war game, but some features would need to be available.. as having to go through each and every single village would be a real pain without some of the features. :)

    The following is information concerning the upcoming new servers on 26.10.2018 ~ 14:00

    CZ 21

    Speed: x4

    Unit run time: x4

    Nightly bonus: active from 0:00 until 08:00

    Maximum travel distance of count: 70

    Conquest protection: 20 days

    EN 28

    Speed: x4

    Unit run time: x4

    Nightly bonus: active from 0:00 until 08:00

    Maximum travel distance of count: 70

    Conquest protection: 20 days

    As of right now, there has been no information about a speed world being released. Once the information is passed down from GameForge, either myself, the Board Admin or CoMA will make the announcement. This is all the information I can provide y'all for right now. :)

    From the way I've understood it since I started here as apart of the teams, the CoMA is the direct contact to Gameforge for the communities they serve. If they are paid positions or not, that I am unsure of. But perhaps its best to allow one of the CoMA's to answer this question more than another member of the teams. :)