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    Thanks for your suggestion, saidaouitayuk . As it stands right now, there has been no mention of any new speed worlds being brought forth. But that does not mean that it will not happen, just not right now. I will ensure that our CoMA, Nightmare is aware of this thread so the information can be passed along to the Product Team for further review. :)

    Ensure that you do not have your cache and cookies set to clear each time you log out of the browser, as that will cause it to happen again. I know I don't have an issue unless I clear my cache and cookies. Otherwise, the only solution is to continue to click the button to make it go away each time. At the moment, all hands within Gameforge are tied with doing anything further concerning this. :)

    This is due to the new privacy laws and there is nothing that can be done about it. As long as you click the button once, it should go away. Now, via mobile.. I am not sure of since I do not login things with my phone.. just by PC.

    I am sure our CoMA, Nightmare , will respond with further information than I can supply.. since that is our direct contact with GameForge over all. The deletion of accounts will just not happen, period. Its something that has been brought forth in the past and was turned down right away. The rule is that conquest protection is done to allow for a player to appeal a ban, regardless of the outcome after the appeal. I do believe that the system automatically deletes accounts and creates abandon settlements after a certain amount of time has passed. Just how much, I am not 100% certain on that information.

    While I am enjoying reading the thoughts throughout this thread.. I have brought many of these ideas forth from the old forums to our CoMA, only to be informed that it would

    most likely not take place. I personally think removing all features would leave one heck of a world to be played. You would be depended on your own skills and amount

    of time you could play, without the bonus of features to assist with things. Perhaps this is something that the teams for KA should test out first and see how it goes.. or perhaps

    GF might consider creating a beta world and see how things turn out? Just some thoughts from this GA.. will allow others to continue on with their own thoughts. :)

    Hello Community,

    Do you have an interest in helping keep the game fair and assist other players within the Community? We are looking for Game Operators!

    What is a GO's job?

    • Enforcing the Game Rules on the server they operate on
    • Ban players who break the Game Rules
    • Extend the help and user-support on the Board.
    • Answer tickets on Support System
    • In charge of user complaints.

    How do I apply?

    In order to apply for a GO position send the following information to [please be as descriptive as possible]:

    • Your Full name and username on Board [e.g. Clark Kent (Superman)].
    • You Date of Birth [you have to be older than 18].
    • Your In-Game username and the Worlds you play in.
    • Your R.L. Occupation.
    • Any experience on this or any other similar Game you have.
    • Why do you think you are right for this position.