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    I understand that was a 40x speed world , as Zephinism explained that very fact. level 50 resources in 4 hours ??

    Ya, it was a blast! It's why I wish GF would set up a server that's ridiculously fast.

    Have a speed world which resets every day or couple/few days. The key is "short term" resetting, and fast!

    It would attract new people along with keeping some veterans around/coming back to KA, which would result in more $$$ for GF! Not everyone has the constant time it takes for the never-ending play, the normal worlds have. Everyone has a free bit of time, occasionally.

    Thanks for your suggestion, saidaouitayuk . As it stands right now, there has been no mention of any new speed worlds being brought forth. But that does not mean that it will not happen, just not right now. I will ensure that our CoMA, Nightmare is aware of this thread so the information can be passed along to the Product Team for further review. :)

    The holidays would be a great time for a speed world! Or, maybe have two speed worlds, back-to-back. First : all of November and second : all of December.

    This idea has been suggested numerous times. Any chance KA will ever do a server, which is much faster, but ends after X amount of days?

    How about having a couple (resetting) temporary speed worlds? One that is very fast, which restarts every month, and another not-as fast that resets a few times every year.

    I seem to remember one of the first few speed worlds ever done by KA (first or second?) was ridiculously fast, yet fun as heck when ya could get a 10k town built within a few hours! 8)

    How about a speed world with no alliances? Sure, you'll still have people working together, but not seeing the other players incoming banner* will make a difference in who becomes #1.

    *unless a HR.

    Not sure if related, but I kept getting the cookie message on my phone this AM, while at work and UK world 27 is very laggy. Same thing when I returned home and on a PC, same lag on UK w27.

    edit- only received cookie message on my smart phone, not my pc....