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    Hello...I made a thread on TUESDAY. A week ago, basically. And, it STILL has not been approved by moderators, so people cant see it.

    Are you censoring me? Because if you are, that is illegal., and I would like contact information of some one at the head office. I did not break any forum rules when I posted it, and you offered no clarification for closing it. I am not violating the terms and conditions. Thanks

    is anyone else having trouble logging into the game and getting into the world? I can get into every other world, but W28. usually it takes forever to load, but right now, it just won't open up and take me to my settlement. not ideal. i'll submit a ticket (pls don't tell me to) just wanted to see if others were having problems

    The old forums don't exist anymore?? are you kidding me....what horrible news!

    This is terrible. It really is. I wanted to go back and see old posts from old worlds...and gone.

    I could argue that merging the forums is worse than the wheel! so much good old material.

    Not blaming you coma or others. just ranting about this. y'all just do as what you're told.

    Thanks Cleo. I will try that. I don't even know what that is though, but will click the link and give it a try. I'm not tech savvy at all.

    And yeah dan. but im pissed because now I wont know! If I can figure out my old skype name and information, I was involved in chat along with mods and other world leaders. But don't know that info, or even email I used. Have over 50k+ emails on my yahoo. anyone know how to mass delete? they don't make it easy.

    Anyways. Thanks guys for the bad news...

    who had the idea to update this website to whatever it is now? it took me 30 minutes just to figure out how to navigate it and then 10 more minutes to figure out a post. did they merge all these different servers due to inactivity? I bet it'll make it even more inactive if that's the case. dang

    anyways. is there an archive where I can see old forum for W1/W3 and other worlds (us server)? and if so, can someone help me navigate me there? if not, how terrible! that would be atrocious if that is true.