Recent Changes Problem

  • - Troop movements displayed in the Settlement view and Barracks are now limited to ten orders, and pagination has been added to greatly improve page loading times

    This recent change that was done and added to the last changelog is a problem to game play. I have sent a ticket in regarding this and will add a note here to help gain some attention.

    This is casuing problems because it is very important to attacking and in particular defending to be able to see all the attacks on one page. Not being able to see all the incoming attacks makes you blind when defending and trying to send defense between attacks more importantly in between the counts. With having to click through pages of attacks its just going to make this another game breaker. People attacking are just going to spam more attacks because they know it will be very time consuming for the defender.

    Another thing is it will also now limit someone to being able to only remove 10 spam attacks at a time on a village.

    This is another silly deal breaker to this game.

    In conclusion, this change needs to be reverted back to its original state. Theres never been a problem with it.