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  • Do we have an Elfenlied fan here? xD

    • absolutely! :-P

    • That was my very first anime with 17 (except of something like pokemon) and what should I say.... I was shocked... XD

    • Almost like me hahaha. The first time I saw so much blood in an anime xD

    • And demolished body parts D: The second after Elfenlied was Clannad. A completely different genre and until now my favorite genre... XD

    • Can you recommend any anime of this style? To remember old times :-P

  • Congratulation!!!!!

  • como abrir um ticket?

  • e_è tiburonsin uhaha, solo paso a saludar nuevamente por aqui, besitos. deja de intentar ganar en los contadores XD

    • De todos modos ustedes siguen ganando 😥

      Un gusto volver a saludarte jajaja

  • Hi. Sabes si el KA ya anda on?

  • Hi?

  • I need Doomy to answer my email

  • tiburonsin uhaha

    • Que significa eso? Soy un tiburoncin?? xD

    • jajajajajaj es de la pelicula de nemooo

  • :-*

  • No los veo los emoticonos aqui

    aqui no stan


  • Wapa